What we Believe

Almighty God, the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ in the only true and living God

He created all things, visible and invisible, for his own glory

God created people to be his family and sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to save people from the penalty of their rebellion against God

Jesus died and rose again from death, now lives forever with the Father, and is coming to earth again

God loves all people and has provided everything necessary for them to know Him, to be saved and therefore live a life of value, dignity and hope

God has left no doubt that all people are designed to honour God and enjoy him forever

Heaven and Hell are real places and when Jesus returns He will judge people based on their belief in Him

God is Spirit and three-in-one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

The Bible is God’s Word, the Good News written

Preaching is the Good News spoken

The Lord’s Supper (Communion) is the Good News made visible

We are saved by God’s grace, through believing in Jesus Christ alone, and not by good deeds of anything inherently good in us.